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Weekly Pairs in Focus – May 2024 (Charts)

WTI Crude Oil had a volatile week, with a bullish bounce on Friday. The $80 level remains a challenge, but if broken, the market could aim for $85.

Meanwhile, Silver saw fluctuations, reaching above $32 before falling. Buyers are expected to support the market, with $30 and $28.50 levels serving as key support.

The German DAX rebounded after initial falls, with strong buyer support near 18,250 and 18,000 levels. The market could potentially reach 20,000.

GBP/CHF continued its strength against the Swiss franc, with short-term pullbacks finding support near 1.15. The British pound’s favorable interest rate differential supports its strength.

EUR/GBP dipped against the British pound, stopping at the crucial 0.85 level. A rally is possible, but breaking above 0.86 may be challenging.

USD/CAD rallied towards 1.38 before retreating, with the 1.36 level offering strong support. A break below 1.35 could see further downside.

The Parisian CAC recovered after falling, with buyers showing interest near the €8100 level. The €7900 level is a key support to watch.

EUR/JPY climbed against the Japanese yen, with the interest rate differential favoring the Euro. Buying opportunities on short-term pullbacks are expected, taking advantage of the Bank of Japan’s stance.

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