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Orthogonal Global Group Inc., a global accelerator and public investment platform, has announced the acquisition of tokens from Minutes Network Token and the successful closing of a $5 million venture fund by one of its portfolio companies, Contango Digital Assets.

Minutes Network Token (MNT) is a project that tokenizes the telecommunications minutes market, aiming to decentralize the industry using blockchain technology. Orthogonal purchased 11,160 MNT tokens as part of a private sale allocation. This investment aligns with Orthogonal’s support for blockchain-based projects.

Contango Digital Assets, a portfolio company of Orthogonal, recently closed $5 million of a $10 million fund focused on AI and blockchain. The Contango Blockchain x AI Fund will invest in North American seed round companies at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence. The fund has received strong backing from industry leaders and is poised to drive the convergence of these technologies.

In other news, the Orthogonal team, including David Nikzad, Jason Hobson, Shidan Gouran, Mona Coyle, and Kevin Soltani, gathered in Dubai for Tokens 2049 to explore global opportunities. Mr. Nikzad acted as an ambassador at the Polo Crypto Cup, while Mr. Soltani participated in event panels promoting Orthogonal.

Orthogonal Global Group focuses on accelerating and investing in disruptive industries such as wellness, healthcare, AI, tokenization, deep tech, and fintech. The company aims to create a Utopian Asset Class portfolio that offers investor returns while contributing to a more utopian society.

For more information, contact Orthogonal Global Group Inc. at investors@ortho.gg or visit their website at www.orthoglobalgroup.com.

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