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Tezos Foundation Enhances Blockchain Resilience and Security with Global Google Cloud Deployment

The Tezos Foundation has partnered with Google Cloud to establish a secure and resilient global network for its blockchain. By deploying Tezos archive nodes on every continent using Google Cloud’s Compute Engine, the initiative has ensured rapid deployment and increased resilience.

Through Google Cloud, the Tezos Foundation has built a robust infrastructure capable of efficiently managing large volumes of data. Chris Pinnock, Head of Information Technology at the Tezos Foundation, highlighted the speed at which archive nodes were deployed globally, stating that Filestore enabled the movement of terabytes of data and the setup of nodes in under two hours. Additionally, monitoring capabilities were immediately added using Google Cloud’s uptime checks.

These archive nodes, which store a comprehensive record of all transactions and ledger states on the blockchain, are now operational worldwide. This setup ensures that if one node fails, it can be quickly restored from another, maintaining the network’s integrity and availability.

Furthermore, the Tezos Foundation has developed a snapshot service to facilitate new nodes joining the network. This service allows for quick synchronization with the blockchain, with Pinnock noting that he was able to build the service in just three days using gcloud commands.

To enhance the performance of the Tezos blockchain, the foundation has implemented Smart Rollups, which process transactions off-chain before submitting them to Layer 1. This reduces the load on the main chain and increases transaction throughput. The team demonstrated the blockchain’s capability to process up to one million transactions per second using Compute Engine, marking a significant milestone.

This technology will be utilized in the upcoming Etherlink product, which will offer compatibility with Ethereum-based smart contracts and programming languages on the Tezos blockchain.

Looking ahead, the Tezos ecosystem is evolving with a focus on Tezos 2.0, the next generation of the protocol. This includes advancements such as a Data Availability Layer to further increase throughput. Pinnock emphasized the importance of ensuring high availability of data across the globe for the future architecture of Tezos 2.0.

The collaboration with Google Cloud remains crucial for the Tezos Foundation as it continues to strengthen the security, resilience, and performance of its blockchain, positioning it for future growth and widespread adoption. Pinnock acknowledged Google Cloud’s strong Web3 roadmap, including dedicated blockchain SaaS offerings, and expressed interest in utilizing Blockchain Node Engine to make the Tezos ecosystem more self-sufficient.

In summary, the partnership between the Tezos Foundation and Google Cloud underscores a commitment to innovation and advancement in the blockchain space, showcasing the potential for continued growth and development in the future.

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