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Ripple, Ethereum & Polygon – European Wrap 19 June

XRP has fallen below $0.50, with Ripple supporters criticizing the SEC for giving Ethereum a “second free pass”. Consensys, an Ethereum developer, announced that the SEC has ended its investigation into Ethereum. This decision comes after Consensys reached out to the SEC for an update on the investigation.

The SEC has dropped its investigation into Ethereum, stating that the token was not sold as a security. Consensys confirmed this news on social media, although the SEC has not officially commented on the matter.

Meanwhile, Polygon (MATIC) has shown bullish signs with a recent uptick in whale accumulation of tokens. The price of MATIC bounced back from a weekly support level of $0.509 to $0.572, indicating a possible trend reversal or short-term rally.

Overall, the cryptocurrency market remains dynamic with various developments impacting prices and investor sentiment.

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