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Piersica Inc Receives Shell GameChanger Grant to Help Bring its Solid-State Battery Technology to Market

Piersica Inc has been awarded a grant from Shell GameChanger to support the development of its solid-state battery technology. The company, led by battery industry veteran Dr. Claudiu Bucur, is focused on creating innovative battery technology using new materials. Their advancements include a new lithium-conductive polymer, a solid polymer electrolyte layer, a 3D lithium-metal anode layer, and a high-voltage cathode layer. These innovations aim to significantly increase energy density, surpassing current lithium-ion batteries.

Shell GameChanger’s grant will provide Piersica with funding for proof of concept, as well as expertise and support for technology development and scale-up. This collaboration highlights Piersica’s potential to contribute to sustainable energy solutions and accelerate the commercialization of their technology.

Piersica CEO, Claudiu Bucur, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that the grant will help speed up their path to market and support their vision for a more sustainable energy future. David Rahmani, commercial partnerships manager at Shell GameChanger, commended Piersica for their innovative approach to battery technology and emphasized their commitment to advancing energy density.

Overall, the grant from Shell GameChanger represents a significant milestone for Piersica Inc in bringing their solid-state battery technology to market and contributing to the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

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