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Cardano to Hit Most Significant Milestone in its History This Month: Hoskinson

Cardano, an open-source blockchain platform, is on the brink of achieving a major milestone in its development. The network is soon set to become fully decentralized with an advanced governance system, marking a significant step forward since its inception.

Founder Charles Hoskinson announced that Cardano Node will reach version 9.0 this month, signaling the beginning of a new era known as Voltaire. The network is preparing for the Chang fork, which will require 70% of its stake pool operators to install the new node before undergoing a hard fork to enter the Age of Voltaire.

The Chang fork, named in memory of Cardano governance leader Phil Chang, who passed away in 2022, will bring CIP-1694’s on-chain governance capabilities to the mainnet. This development will introduce a governance system with annual budgets, a treasury, and community input, transforming Cardano into a decentralized civilization with a global community of users.

Hoskinson expressed his pride in the progress of Cardano over the last decade, emphasizing the potential for the blockchain to make a significant impact on the industry and the world. The Age of Voltaire is the final stage in Cardano’s development, following eras named after notable figures in computer science and poetry.

Each development stage has focused on different aspects of the network, from proof-of-stake protocols in the Byron era to smart contracts in the Goguen era. Voltaire will bring community-run governance, voting, and treasury management, allowing ADA token holders to propose and vote on initiatives to further enhance the blockchain’s development.

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