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3 Large-Cap Value Funds to Buy Amid Uncertainty Over Rate Cuts

Volatility has made a comeback on Wall Street due to growing concerns about the economy’s future. With slowing GDP growth, rising inflation, and uncertainty surrounding rate cuts, investors are feeling uneasy.

The Federal Reserve decided to keep interest rates unchanged at its May FOMC meeting, maintaining the range of 5.35-5.5%. This decision was widely anticipated, as the central bank has not made any changes to interest rates since July 2023.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell mentioned that further rate hikes are unlikely, but he also noted that inflation, which had been decreasing, is now on the rise again. Despite this, Powell did not provide any hints about the timeline for the first rate cut, leaving investors in a state of uncertainty.

Given the current economic climate, investing in large-cap value funds could be a strategic move for investors looking to mitigate risks. Large-cap funds have historically shown stability and are considered more reliable compared to mid- or small-cap funds.

Value funds, which include stocks priced below fundamental metrics like earnings and book value, offer investors the potential for growth and income through dividend payments. By investing in large-cap value funds, investors can benefit from the stability of large-cap stocks while taking advantage of the growth potential offered by value-oriented investments.

DailyBubble recommends three large-cap value mutual funds that have shown impressive annualized returns over 3-year and 5-year periods. These funds have a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank of #1 (Strong Buy), require an initial investment of no more than $5,000, and have low expense ratios.

Homestead Value (HOVLX) seeks long-term capital growth and income by investing in common stocks of established companies. With annualized returns of 10.8% (3-year) and 13% (5-year), this fund has a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank #1 and an annual expense ratio of 0.64%.

Northern Income Equity (NOIEX) aims to provide high current income and long-term capital appreciation by investing in income-producing equity securities. With annualized returns of 11.1% (3-year) and 13% (5-year), this fund also holds a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank #1 and has an annual expense ratio of 0.49%.

MFS Blended Research Value Equity A (BRUDX) invests in undervalued stocks with a market cap of $10 billion or more. With annualized returns of 10.8% (3-year) and 11.3% (5-year), this fund has a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank #1 and an annual expense ratio of 0.74%.

In conclusion, investing in large-cap value funds could be a wise decision in the current economic climate. These funds offer stability, growth potential, and income opportunities for investors looking to navigate the uncertainties of the market.

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