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6 Little-Known Perks of Your Free Target Circle Membership

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It appears that some things in life are, in fact, free.

Key points

  • The Target Circle Membership earns users 1% back on Target purchases.
  • Circle members have access to special deals, a chance to help Target decide which charities to support, a birthday bonus, and special offers from partner companies.

For Target shoppers, it may have come as a surprise when the popular Target Cartwheel program was replaced by Target Circle in 2019. Still, as customers have become accustomed to Target Circle, they’ve learned of its many perks.

1. 1% back

Shoppers with the Target Circle app earn 1% of eligible purchases back every time they shop. For regular shoppers, rewards can add up fast.

Insider tip: Shoppers cannot receive 1% back and use their Target RedCard to receive 5% off purchases. It’s one or the other.

2. Deals, deals, and more deals

Target Circle gives customers access to hundreds of deals. It’s easy for a customer to find a deal, save it to their app, and use it when they do their shopping later. Unless expressly forbidden, these offers can be stacked with other offers and coupons.

Target Circle members get to vote to help the retailer decide which nonprofit organizations to donate to.

4. Birthday bonus

When it’s a Target Circle member’s birthday, they can make a shopping trip that earns them 5% back on any qualifying purchase.

5. Apple offer

Teaming up with Apple, Target gives Circle members access to Apple subscription deals. For example, until Sept. 26, 2022, members can receive

  • Four months of free access to Apple TV+
  • Four months of free access to Apple Music
  • Four months of free iCloud storage (up to 50GB)

6. Ultimate beauty rewards

Target has also teamed up with the beauty store Ulta by building miniature Ulta shops in hundreds of Target stores. Because Ulta also offers a rewards program for its customers, the retailers are allowing customers to link the two accounts, giving them Ultamate Rewards points and 1% in Target Circle rewards.


Not everything sold in Target stores is eligible for 1% back. Here are some of the exceptions:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescriptions
  • Over-the-counter items kept behind the pharmacy counter
  • Products purchased through Target Optical
  • Purchases sold through Target but from 3rd party sites
  • Gift cards
  • Prepaid credit cards

Not to be confused with a Target RedCard

Millions of Target shoppers have signed up for a Target RedCard, tying it to their personal checking account. With the Target RedCard, a customer receives 5% off every purchase made. They also enjoy benefits like free, two-day shipping, an extra 30 days to make returns or exchanges, and other offers.

Anyone who has signed up for a Target RedCard is automatically signed up for Target Circle. But as mentioned, the savings between the programs cannot be combined.

How to sign up if you don’t have a Target RedCard

The retailer has made it easy to sign up for Target Circle.

  • If you’re in the store, ask the associate checking you out about joining.
  • Download the Target app and follow the prompts to sign up for Target Circle.

You’re also automatically enrolled in the Target Circle program if you have a Target.com online account.

If you’re one of the millions who regularly shop at Target anyway, Target Circle offers one more way to save money.

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