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XRP News Today: SEC vs. Ripple Settlement Hope Boosts Buyer Demand

The CEO of Ripple recently emphasized the importance of being pro-crypto in the upcoming US elections. It is believed that candidates who support cryptocurrency will gain votes, while those who oppose it will lose support. This is seen as a crucial issue, as the cryptocurrency industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the US.

These comments came in response to an article in the NY Times discussing how cryptocurrency could impact the election. Former President Donald Trump, a leading candidate for the Republican Party, has expressed his support for cryptocurrencies, stating that he wants to see the future of crypto and bitcoin thrive in America.

The crypto community views a Republican Party victory as a positive development for the digital asset space in the US. This victory could potentially lead to a regulatory framework that fosters innovation while also protecting consumers, potentially putting an end to the SEC’s strict enforcement measures.

In a show of support for the Republican Party, Coinbase contributed $25 million to the Fairshake PAC in June. This move demonstrates the company’s commitment to advocating for clear rules and regulations in the cryptocurrency industry.

Overall, the stance on cryptocurrency by political candidates is becoming increasingly important in the US, with potential implications for the future of the industry.

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