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Why Pantera Capital sees Bitcoin soaring to $114,000 in 2025 – DL News

Pantera Capital has recently shared its post-halving prediction for Bitcoin, joining a growing number of finance professionals in forecasting a bullish price for the cryptocurrency. The crypto hedge fund used a market model based on Bitcoin supply to come up with its estimate.

According to Pantera Capital, Bitcoin could potentially rise to as much as $114,000 by August 2025, revisiting a prior price prediction made a year and a half ago. This positive outlook comes amidst industry optimism, despite challenges such as inflation concerns, Federal Reserve interest rate policies, and the crisis in the Middle East.

In its 100th investor letter, Pantera revisited its analysis of Bitcoin’s performance before and after the recent halving event. The firm utilized a stock-to-flow model to assess the supply of Bitcoin in relation to the flow of new production, which is programmed to decrease by 50% every four years during halving events.

Changes in the ratio between supply and new production flow, especially during halving events, have historically impacted Bitcoin’s price significantly. By studying both pre-halving and post-halving price rallies, Pantera found that prices tend to peak around 2.6 years after halving events, indicating a potential peak by August of the following year.

While not a foolproof method, the stock-to-flow model is a popular tool in the crypto industry for evaluating Bitcoin’s true value. Other finance professionals, including Fidelity’s Jurrien Timmer and research firm Bernstein, have also made optimistic six-figure predictions for Bitcoin’s future price, further fueling industry enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency.

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