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Want an Extra $500 in Annual Dividend Income? Invest $5,890 in These 3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks.

Investors looking to increase their passive income can do so without spending a lot of money. Three stocks – Hercules Capital, Altria Group, and AT&T – offer an average yield of 8.5% at recent prices. These stocks have the potential to not only meet their current obligations but also increase their yields in the future.

Hercules Capital is a business development company that invests in venture capital opportunities. They have a track record of successful investments, like Palantir Technologies. The company has been increasing its dividends consistently and offers a supplemental dividend on top of that.

Altria Group, a tobacco company, is facing challenges with declining cigarette sales but has potential in the e-vapor market. The company is well-positioned to benefit from FDA regulations on flavored vaporizers. Despite the challenges, Altria Group expects its earnings to grow and continue paying dividends.

AT&T, a telecommunications giant, has a strong position in the market with its 5G network. The company has been investing in new services like fixed wireless internet to stay competitive. With a stable cash flow, AT&T is expected to reduce its debt and potentially increase its dividend payouts in the future.

Investors should consider these stocks for their potential to provide steady passive income over the long term. Remember to do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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