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USD/CHF Fast Approaching the July 2013 High at .9750 – Yahoo Singapore News

The USD/CHF pair is quickly approaching the July 2013 high at .9750. This marks a significant milestone for the currency pair as it nears a key resistance level. Traders and investors are closely monitoring the pair’s movement as it reaches this important point.

The USD/CHF pair’s performance in recent weeks has been impressive, with strong bullish momentum pushing it towards the July 2013 high. This level has proven to be a tough barrier in the past, and breaking through it could signal further gains for the pair.

The US dollar has been strengthening against the Swiss franc, driven by a combination of factors including positive economic data, rising interest rates, and geopolitical tensions. Meanwhile, the Swiss franc has faced pressure from the uncertainty surrounding the global economy and the ongoing trade war between the US and China.

As the USD/CHF pair approaches the July 2013 high at .9750, traders will be watching closely to see if it can break through this key resistance level. If it does, it could open the door for further upside potential. However, if the pair fails to break above .9750, we could see a pullback towards lower support levels.

Overall, the USD/CHF pair’s movement towards the July 2013 high at .9750 is a significant development in the forex market. Traders should keep a close eye on the pair’s performance in the coming days to gauge its next move.

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