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These are the Best Dividend Stocks Under $20

Finding the best dividend stocks under $20 can be a daunting task, with so many options to choose from in the market. For energy investors, the search can be even more challenging as they navigate through various sectors such as energy, commodities, and retail. To make things simpler, let’s focus on three top dividend stocks under $20 that energy investors should consider.

First on the list is Plains All American Pipeline (NASDAQ: PAA), a master limited partnership that specializes in midstream energy infrastructure and logistics services for crude oil, natural gas liquids, and natural gas. With an extensive network of pipeline transportation and storage assets in key producing basins, PAA offers a dividend yield of 7.3% and a one-year price target of $19.50.

Next up is Energy Transfer (NYSE: ET), one of the largest midstream energy companies in North America. With over 125,000 miles of pipelines and energy infrastructure across 44 states, ET provides transportation for oil and gas products. The stock offers a dividend yield of 7.8% and a one-year price target of $18.50.

Lastly, Vale (NYSE: VALE) is a mining company that supplies raw materials for energy projects. Despite facing environmental challenges, the company has a strong balance sheet and cash reserves. VALE pays a generous dividend yield of 13% and has a one-year price target of $16.00.

For those seeking steady dividend payments with minimal risk, private solar royalty payment programs offer a lucrative opportunity. These programs allow investors to earn monthly cash dividends from solar projects worldwide, with potential for significant returns. With easy access through an online portal, private solar royalties provide a safe and hassle-free way to generate income.

In conclusion, these top dividend stocks under $20 for energy investors offer attractive returns and opportunities for growth. Consider diversifying your portfolio with these stocks to maximize your investment potential in the energy sector.

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