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Blum, Stellar, and Solana are three popular crypto projects that have been making headlines recently. Blum, a crypto-exchange with over 30 blockchain platforms, recently launched its Academy to educate the public about the TON Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Stellar participated in the EthCC 2024 event, focusing on presenting blockchain for Real-World Assets. Solana, on the other hand, saw Argentine soccer player Leo Messi promoting a memecoin called Water on the platform.

In terms of price performance, Stellar is currently valued at $0.08, down 4% from a week ago and 11% from a month ago. Solana is priced at $143, remaining relatively stable compared to a week ago but down 10% from a month ago. Both Stellar and Solana have experienced a 30% drop in trading volume over the last 24 hours. Solana holds the fifth position in the overall crypto ranking with a market cap of $66.6 billion.

TON Blockchain and its native token, TON, have been performing well amidst the general bear market. TON is currently valued at $7.35, up 3% from a month ago. Notcoin, another memecoin on TON, has seen a significant increase of 25% in the last seven days. Overall, these crypto projects continue to attract attention with their latest developments and price movements.

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