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the First Modular L1.5 for Ethereum By Chainwire

Panama City, Panama, May 7th, 2024 – Silent Protocol, a leading innovator in blockchain privacy technology, has unveiled the Ghost Layer, a state-of-the-art modular Layer 1.5 designed for the blockchain ecosystem. This new solution aims to provide compliant privacy enhancements to public blockchains, catering to both retail and institutional applications.

The Ghost Layer utilizes a zero-knowledge (ZK) based system along with its proprietary 0VM technology to enable private asset storage and seamless value transfer across different blockchains. It allows for the integration of existing applications into private workflows by creating access channels to various execution layers.

Novachrono, the founder of Silent Protocol, describes the Ghost Layer as a unique addition to the blockchain hierarchy, combining the strength of base layer processing with enhanced privacy and interoperability features. In 2023, the company introduced EZEE to address state denial challenges and support functional privacy. Additionally, the Silent Compliance VM was developed to prevent data misuse by bad actors.

Isa Sertkaya, Co-founder and CTO of Silent Protocol, highlights the strategic advantage of the Ghost Layer, emphasizing its modularity and support for Ethereum assets. This launch underscores Silent Protocol’s dedication to building a compliant and composable framework for institutions to securely leverage Ethereum while maintaining liquidity on the mainnet.

Silent Protocol is known for its commitment to enhancing security and compliance in blockchain applications without compromising performance. The company offers tools like the EZEE framework and Silent Compliance VM to empower developers and institutions in creating secure, privacy-centric platforms while promoting interoperability across different blockchain systems.

For more information, please contact Co-Founder & CTO Isa Sertkaya at isa@silentdao.org. This article was originally published on Chainwire.

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