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Smartoptics Group’s (OB:SMOP) Dividend Will Be $0.50

Smartoptics Group AS (OB:SMOP) recently announced that it will be paying a dividend of $0.50 per share on the 22nd of May, resulting in a dividend yield of 2.5%, which is in line with the industry average.

Prior to this announcement, Smartoptics Group’s dividend was well covered by both cash flow and earnings, indicating that the company is reinvesting a significant portion of its earnings back into the business to fuel growth. However, with a forecasted 85.4% increase in earnings per share over the next year, there is concern that the company may end up paying out more than it earns, potentially impacting its balance sheet.

While Smartoptics Group does not have a long track record of dividend payments, it has been steadily growing its earnings per share at a rate of 46% annually over the past three years. This, combined with the company’s ability to grow while returning capital to shareholders, makes it an attractive option for dividend-seeking investors.

Overall, Smartoptics Group’s dividend appears to be a solid income investment, with the company easily covering its payments and translating its earnings into cash flow. Investors looking for consistent dividend payouts may find Smartoptics Group to be a promising option.

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