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S Jaishankar gives ‘Newton’s law of politics’ warning to Canada, calls out ‘gangland’ visas | Latest News India

India’s External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, criticized the Canadian government led by Justin Trudeau for issuing visas to individuals with connections to organized crime for “political purposes.” He accused Canada of legitimizing extremism, separatism, and violence under the guise of free speech.

Jaishankar specifically called out Canada for allowing individuals with links to gangland activities in Punjab to enter the country. He highlighted the issue of criminals from India being given visas to Canada, despite being wanted in their home country. Jaishankar emphasized that Canada’s lenient visa policies have led to the importation of individuals with questionable backgrounds for political gains.

The minister warned that there would be consequences for such actions, citing “Newton’s law of politics” where there will be pushback against such behavior. He stressed that if Canada continues to harbor criminals and extremists, it will eventually face repercussions.

The tensions between India and Canada escalated following the murder of Khalistan terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Surrey, Canada. Canadian authorities arrested three Indian nationals in connection with the murder, sparking a diplomatic dispute between the two countries.

Overall, Jaishankar’s strong stance against Canada’s visa policies and support for criminal elements underscores the strained relations between the two nations.

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