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River otter spotted along Pa.’s Ridley Creek – NBC10 Philadelphia

A rare sighting of a river otter was captured along the Ridley Creek in the Pennsylvania suburbs, something that hasn’t been seen in over a century. The Willistown Conservation Trust shared video footage from December 19, 2024, showing the North American river otter in the Ridley Creek watershed. This marked the first confirmed sighting of a river otter in southeastern Chester County in 100 years.

The video shows the otter looking directly at the camera. While there hasn’t been any additional video footage of the otter since the December sighting, the landowner where the cameras were placed did see the otter swimming in a pond.

According to Lauren McGrath, the director of watershed protection at Willistown Conservation Trust, this sighting is a result of the long history of land protection and habitat improvement in the region. River otters are sensitive animals that require healthy land and water to survive. Their presence in the area serves as a signal of a strong ecosystem.

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