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PM orders sustainable development of construction materials industry

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized the need for restructuring in organization, administration, finance, and input materials within the construction materials industry to ensure sustainable development. Speaking at an online conference addressing challenges in the production and consumption of cement, iron, steel, and other construction materials, the Prime Minister highlighted issues such as rising fuel costs, raw material shortages, environmental pressures, and policy and financial difficulties.

To drive sustainable growth and contribute to socio-economic development, PM Chinh stressed the importance of implementing the national construction materials development strategy for the 2021-2030 period and the master plan on mineral resource exploration, exploitation, processing, and utilization. Embracing technological advancements, including those from the fourth Industrial Revolution, improving product quality, and diversifying high-value products are key strategies to meet construction demands.

Efficient resource utilization, energy savings, waste recycling, and environmental protection are also crucial aspects for industry advancement. The government leader called for enhanced forecasting capabilities to anticipate domestic and international factors that may impact production and market expansion. Additionally, efforts to reduce imports, enhance product quality, reduce costs, and boost domestic product competitiveness are essential.

Despite Vietnam’s achievements in construction materials production over the past decade, challenges such as declining consumption, revenue, and job losses have hindered industry growth. The sector’s annual revenue, estimated at nearly 47 billion USD, accounts for approximately 11% of the national GDP. Moving forward, addressing these challenges and implementing sustainable development measures will be vital for the industry’s future success.

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