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NZD/USD forex trade review [Video]

In this forex trading video, we discuss the entry, exit reasons, and management for our trade on the NZD/USD today, as well as how you can trade forex structure on various timeframes such as Daily, 4-hour, 1-hour, and 15-minute charts. We also cover how to target the next support/resistance levels. In previous videos, we talked about the steps to find and trade structure, and in this video, you will learn how we traded the NZD/USD structure today using trading charts and price action.

To find consistently profitable trading ideas on a daily basis, you need to follow these steps:
1) Have a clear direction and structure by combining at least two timeframes.
2) Look for price close to support/resistance levels and avoid buying at the top or selling at the low.
3) Identify bullish/bearish price action with a favorable risk-reward ratio.

This forex trading video focuses on the trading strategy for forex structure, particularly trading major pairs after price bounces from support/resistance levels and shows momentum in price action. Risk management and trading psychology are essential keys to staying consistently profitable as a forex trader. By learning this trading strategy, you can find forex day trades consistently on a week-to-week basis. The video also provides important tips on trading psychology and mindset for long-term trading success.

Becoming a successful trader requires investing in yourself and practicing your skills and mindset over time. Whether you are a swing trader, day trader, or scalping trader, having a simple yet powerful trading strategy, managing risk, and maintaining the right trading psychology are crucial. Success in swing trading the forex market may take more time, but once you become proficient, you can consistently profit from the market.

The key to long-term trading success lies in having a simple forex trading strategy, managing risk effectively, being patient and disciplined, and being able to adapt to market conditions. It’s important to accept both winning and losing trades without becoming emotionally attached. Your success as a trader is measured by your consistency over the long term and striving to be the best trader you can be in the present moment.

In our live forex swing trading and day trading videos, we cover technical analysis, price action on forex pairs using high timeframes, and market environment to explain why we took certain trades and how we will manage them.

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