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Norway mulls datacentre licencing in bid to kick out cryptomining

Norwegian ministers Karianne Tung and Terje Aasland have announced a new law that will require datacentres to disclose information about their ownership, management, and services offered. The aim is to ensure transparency and allow local politicians to make informed decisions about datacentre establishments in their municipalities. This move comes amidst global concerns about the environmental impact of datacentres, particularly in terms of energy and water consumption. Norway is set to become the first country in Europe to enforce legislation requiring datacentres to reveal the types of workloads they are running. The focus is on promoting socially beneficial data centres while discouraging activities like cryptocurrency mining, which are associated with high carbon emissions. As Norway advances its digitalization efforts, the government is keen on prioritizing data storage for local services and tightening regulations on datacentre operations. This initiative reflects a broader trend towards sustainability and responsible data management in the tech industry.

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