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NFT sales dip, Bitcoin takes hit but dominates market share

Sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) experienced a decline of 11.16% this past week compared to the previous week. Data from cryptoslam.io reveals that total sales reached $144.33 million, with Bitcoin-based NFTs contributing over $49 million to this total. However, sales of digital collectibles on Bitcoin dropped by 14.65%.

NFT sales on Ethereum generated $41.55 million, down by 11.7% from the prior week. Solana NFTs ranked third in sales, earning nearly $26 million with a modest increase of 5.73% this week. The Polygon network registered the fourth-highest NFT sales volume at $9.66 million, reflecting a 14.2% decrease from the previous week.

Immutable recorded $6.49 million in sales, marking an 8% uptick and making it the only network among the top five to see an improvement in sales volume.

The top-selling NFT collection this week was the Uncategorized Ordinals from the Bitcoin blockchain, bringing in $22.9 million. Mythos’ Dmarket collection claimed the second spot with $5.817 million in sales. The Nodemonkes collection from Bitcoin saw a 10.56% increase in sales.

Other notable collections included Mad Lads, CryptoPunks, Degods, and Solana Monkey Business. The Mad Lads collection on Solana showed the biggest improvement in sales volume, with $4.5 million exchanged, representing a 130% increase from the previous week.

Individual NFT sales saw Cryptopunk #3619 selling for $627,991, Solana’s Boogle #064 for $192,124, and Mushroom #95 from the BTC network for $135,096.

The consistent decline in sales indicates cautious sentiment among collectors. Active buyers in the market dropped by 86% over the week, according to data from Cryptoslam.

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