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News Highlights : Top Global Markets News of the Day – Thursday at 7 PM ET

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has achieved its longest winning streak of 2024, with all three major stock indexes nearing record highs and reversing the declines seen in April.

In the UK, the Bank of England has decided to keep its key interest rate unchanged at 5.25%, but has hinted at the possibility of a rate cut in the near future, potentially as early as June.

Jobless claims in the US have risen to their highest level in nine months, with initial jobless benefit claims increasing by 22,000 to 231,000 in the week ending May 4, according to the US Labor Department.

Corporate CFOs are adjusting their strategies in response to the expectation of higher interest rates, seeking ways to offset increased debt costs and evaluating the impact on potential deals and sales pressure.

Chinese stocks have rebounded, but investors remain cautious due to the uncertain foundation of the market rally.

Share repurchases by American companies have surged in the first quarter of the year, with Meta and Apple leading the trend.

Investors are grappling with how to capitalize on the weight-loss revolution, a trend that may take years or even decades to fully materialize.

Regulators are increasingly turning to whistleblower award programs to gather insider tips that can lead to enforcement actions in the US and internationally.

China’s trade with Europe has declined as Chinese President Xi Jinping works to rebuild ties and address concerns about the influx of Chinese goods and potential tariffs.

The Bank of Japan is growing more concerned about the impact of a weaker yen on import prices and the inflation outlook.

These developments come from Dow Jones Newswires as of May 9, 2024 at 19:15 Eastern Time.

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