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Magnificent 7 Earnings Report Card: Here’s How the Giants Fared So Far in Q1

Earnings season is wrapping up, with the Magnificent 7 tech giants mostly surpassing expectations. DailyBubble analyzes their performance and future outlook using InvestingPro. Nvidia is the only one left to report, so let’s take a look at what to expect from the chipmaker.

These past few weeks have been busy with earnings reports, with all but NVIDIA Corporation stepping up to the plate:

– Apple
– Tesla
– Microsoft
– Amazon
– Meta Platform
– Alphabet

Let’s delve into their performance and what it could mean for their future using InvestingPro’s analysis of post-earnings impact and current analyst estimates.

Apple exceeded expectations in its quarterly earnings report, with a strong EPS and revenue. Despite some minor setbacks, the overall market response was positive. However, valuations remain high based on InvestingPro’s models.

Tesla surprised investors with a notable rebound, attributed to new vehicle launches and partnerships. The stock surged, but its estimated fair value suggests it’s in line with current prices.

Microsoft and Amazon saw better-than-expected earnings and turnovers, but their stock prices didn’t see a significant boost post-quarterly reports. Both companies are still considered overvalued based on estimated Fair Values.

Meta suffered a decline despite a positive quarterly report, possibly due to prior strong performance. The stock remains overvalued according to InvestingPro.

Alphabet reported strong earnings and a stock price increase, capitalizing on AI trends. Like its peers, Alphabet trades at high valuations.

Nvidia, yet to report, has consistently delivered strong performance. The company’s upcoming earnings are highly anticipated, with speculation on market reactions given current valuations.

DailyBubble’s perspective is that investors should carefully consider the risks associated with investing in these tech giants, as valuations are high and market reactions can be unpredictable.

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