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Kenya taps US Bitcoin mining giant Marathon Digital for crypto regime and mining consultation

Kenya’s President William Ruto has appointed Marathon Digital, a leading US Bitcoin mining firm, to provide consultancy services on the nation’s crypto policies and energy requirements for crypto mining. The partnership was announced during a meeting with American investors in Nairobi. Marathon Digital will collaborate with Kenya’s National Treasury and Ministry of Energy to discuss energy needs for crypto mining and develop a framework for crypto in Kenya.

Marathon Digital, initially a patent holding company, has become a significant player in the crypto mining space, focusing on Bitcoin since 2021. The company is one of the largest Bitcoin miners in North America.

Despite being a top African country in crypto adoption, Kenya currently lacks clear regulations for crypto trading and usage. The Central Bank of Kenya previously had a strict stance against digital currencies but the recent partnership signals a shift in approach. While Kenya explores crypto regulations, Angola recently banned Bitcoin mining.

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