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Is it time to do a 360 degree u-turn and buy this penny stock?

A young female business analyst is seen looking at a graph chart while working from home. Angle (LSE:AGL) is a penny stock with a market valuation of less than £100m and a share price below £1. The company describes itself as a world-leading liquid biopsy company with innovative circulating tumour cell solutions. Despite a recent 12% increase in share price, they are still 70% lower than they were in May 2019.

The author questions their own investment decisions, admitting to not fully understanding the financial industry despite owning shares in Lloyds Bank. They highlight Angle’s trials of a cancer diagnostics tool, with successful detection leading to potential financial gains.

In April, Angle signed an agreement with AstraZeneca to develop a novel tumour detection approach, followed by another agreement in May focusing on identifying prostate cancer earlier. The company’s financial history shows accumulated losses of £113m, with expected revenue of £2.2m in 2023. Despite financial risks, the author considers adding Angle to their watchlist for future investment due to promising collaborations and potential growth in the medical research field.

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