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Is it time to do a 360 degree u-turn and buy this penny stock?

Angle (LSE:AGL) is a penny stock with a market valuation of less than £100m and a share price below £1. The company describes itself as a “world-leading liquid biopsy company with innovating circulating tumour cell solutions”. Despite my initial hesitation due to the technical nature of its reports, recent developments have caught my attention.

In January, Angle announced promising results from its cancer diagnostics tool, showing potential in detecting cancer mutations in cells that DNA testing couldn’t identify. The company has also partnered with AstraZeneca for projects in tumour detection, showcasing its capabilities in the field.

While Angle has accumulated losses and modest revenue, it claims to have enough cash to sustain operations until early 2025. Medical research poses risks, but successful ventures can lead to significant rewards. With potential collaborations and a market cap of £55m, Angle is a company worth watching for future investment opportunities.

Overall, despite the uncertainties in the medical research sector, Angle’s recent partnerships and advancements make it an intriguing prospect for investors looking for growth opportunities in the healthcare industry.

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