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Investing in the Future: 3 Promising Penny Stocks to Watch

InvestorPlace presents Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips. If you’re looking for growth opportunities in the stock market, consider exploring promising penny stocks. These stocks, trading for under $5 per share, are often seen as risky investments. However, among the many penny stocks available, there are hidden gems that offer great potential for risk-tolerant investors.

Here are three international penny stocks worth keeping an eye on:

1. Grab Holdings (GRAB): Based in Singapore, Grab Holdings is a prominent player in Southeast Asia’s “new economy” sector. Despite some struggles since going public in 2021, Grab has the potential for a turnaround. Analysts predict growth re-acceleration starting in 2025, making GRAB a compelling penny stock to watch.

2. Lesaka Technologies (LSAK): Formerly known as Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Lesaka Technologies is a fintech and payment technologies firm based in South Africa. Recent acquisitions, such as Touchsides and Adumo, have positioned Lesaka for growth in the Southern African market. With potential synergies from these deals, LSAK could be on track to becoming a fintech powerhouse.

3. Niu Technologies (NIU): A China-based manufacturer of electric scooters, Niu Technologies saw its stock price drop significantly from its peak during the EV stock craze. However, recent improvements in vehicle delivery numbers and earnings forecasts suggest a comeback for NIU. With expected earnings growth in the coming years, NIU could surpass the penny stock threshold and see its stock price rise above $5 per share.

These penny stocks offer unique growth opportunities for investors willing to take on some risk. Consider adding them to your watchlist for potential future gains.

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