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International Assets Investment Management LLC Purchases Shares of 7,352 Vanguard Growth ETF (NYSEARCA:VUG)

International Assets Investment Management LLC recently acquired 7,352 shares of Vanguard Growth ETF (NYSEARCA:VUG) in the fourth quarter, valued at around $2,286,000. Other large investors have also increased or decreased their stakes in the company. For instance, High Note Wealth LLC raised its stake by 4.1%, Interchange Capital Partners LLC by 1.5%, and First Bancorp Inc ME by 1.8%. Vanguard Growth ETF has a market capitalization of $118.44 billion, with a PE ratio of 39.58 and a beta of 1.26. The company’s 50-day moving average is $339.20, while its 200-day moving average is $319.25. Vanguard Growth ETF tracks the performance of the MSCI US Prime Market Growth Index and focuses on growth stocks of large US companies. If you want to stay updated on the latest news and insider trades for Vanguard Growth ETF, you can visit HoldingsChannel.com.

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