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‘Indian market is pivotal’: AIWA India MD on riding the wave of India’s booming consumer electronics market

In an exclusive interview with Business Today, Ajay Mehta, Managing Director of AIWA India, shares insights into the thriving consumer electronics industry in India. AIWA’s strategic approach focuses on recent product launches, strong financial performance, and dedication to technological advancements. The company’s investments in key segments like washing machines and soundbars reflect their vision for continued growth in the Indian market.

Mehta describes the current state of the consumer electronics market in India as rapidly expanding, driven by the growing middle class, rising incomes, and urbanization. Trends in audio and home entertainment include a demand for seamless smart home integration, high-fidelity audio, and portable, multipurpose devices to align with remote work and mobile lifestyles.

AIWA sets itself apart from competitors with over 70 years of industry experience, a legacy of innovation, quality, and customer focus. Recent product launches in India include Magnifiq Soundbars and QLED Google TVs in various sizes. Financially, AIWA India saw an 80% sales growth in the previous fiscal year, attributing success to market demand, distribution strategies, and new product introductions.

Looking ahead, AIWA plans to launch new washing machine and TV models targeting various market segments. The company aims for a 75% sales increase in the current fiscal year through product innovation, wider distribution, and online expansion. Significant recent investments include entering the washing machine and soundbar segments with Rs 20 crore and Rs 10 crore investments, respectively.

The Indian market is crucial to AIWA’s global strategy, with a focus on capturing market share and expanding offerings. Technology plays a key role in enhancing product offerings and customer experience, with AIWA incorporating IoT technology, advanced audio engineering, ergonomic design, and sustainability practices. The company’s commitment to innovation and excellence positions AIWA as a leader in the consumer electronics market.

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