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Impact on Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), and Raboo (RABT) Explained

Digital representation and NFTs were once a booming space in the market, with record-breaking sales and million-dollar apes capturing headlines. However, the landscape has shifted this year, with NFT sales taking a hit in April. This decline has affected top platforms like Polygon and Ethereum, with Ethereum experiencing a significant drop in NFT sales by 50.7% to $241 million.

The negative sentiment surrounding Ethereum has caused its price to drop by 8.69% in the last 30 days, currently trading at $3,056.86. On the other hand, Polygon, known for its scalability solutions, saw a price drop of over 18% in April. Despite this, experts believe there is hope for Polygon’s future, as evidenced by a modest price surge of 3.35% in the last seven days.

In the midst of the DeFi universe’s turbulence, Raboo has emerged as a promising project in the meme coin space. Combining Social-Fi, AI technology, and blockchain, Raboo offers unique benefits for traders with a reward system driven by AI and SocialFi. Its presale has been successful, raising over $1 million and selling almost a third of its tokens.

Raboo is also making waves in the generative AI market, positioning itself as a potential game-changer in the crypto world. With its presale ongoing and tokens priced at $0.0042, Raboo has seen a 40% price increase in just weeks after the launch.

As Ethereum and Polygon face challenges in the market, investors are turning to alternatives like Raboo for potential growth opportunities. Positioned as the next 100x crypto, Raboo is garnering interest as a brighter investment prospect for the future.

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