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Gurugram Cyber Police busts stock market investment scam, arrest a Punjab National Bank employee

Gurugram Cyber Police have made three arrests in connection with a cyber fraud case involving fake stock market investments, including a bank employee. This latest arrest brings the total number of bank employees arrested in cyber fraud cases to eleven, according to police reports on Friday.

The bank employee, identified as Devender Sharma from the Punjab National Bank’s Jaipur branch, allegedly provided bank accounts to the fraudsters. The accused managed to convince a Gurugram resident to invest Rs 44.57 lakh in April, promising high returns on the investment. However, the victim realized he had been duped and filed an FIR on April 17th.

Inspector Savit Kumar’s team successfully apprehended Devender Sharma, Imran, and Hasrat Ali (also known as Happy), all residents of Jaipur. Upon investigation, it was discovered that Devender Sharma had opened a fake firm account using documents provided by Imran and granted access to Happy. Rs 1 lakh from the defrauded amount was transferred to this account, which Happy then sold to cyber criminals for Rs 1.5 lakh. Devender and Imran allegedly received Rs 50,000 each for their roles in facilitating the scam.

DCP (ACP Cyber) Siddhant Jain stated, “We are currently questioning the accused individuals to gather more information about the case.” This case sheds light on the increasing prevalence of cyber fraud schemes and the importance of staying vigilant against such criminal activities.

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