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Goldman’s top 50 Stable Growth stocks (NYSEARCA:SPY)

Goldman Sachs analysts recently released a list of “stable growth” stocks, which includes the top 50 Russell 1000 stocks with the most consistent year-over-year EBITDA growth over the past decade. According to a U.S. Weekly Kickstart report, Goldman analysts anticipate that earnings growth will push the S&P 500 Index up by 3% to their year-end target of 5200. They also predict an overall growth of 8% this year to reach $241.

If the outlook for earnings growth worsens, Analyst David J. Kostin believes that the recent trend of quality outperformance will likely continue, with a focus on stocks with stable growth. The basket of stable growers from Goldman has slightly underperformed the equal-weight S&P 500 year-to-date, but it has shown better stability compared to other quality-related factors.

Stocks with stable growth typically perform well during periods of decelerating economic growth, as noted by Kostin. The list of stable growth stocks provided by Goldman is categorized by sector, with each stock ranked based on its low year-on-year EBITDA growth variability over the past 10 years.

Some of the sectors included in the list are Communication services, Consumer discretionary, Consumer staples, Energy, Financials, Materials, Health care, Industrials, Information technology, Real estate, and Utilities. Each sector contains a selection of companies with varying levels of EBITDA growth variability over the past decade, showcasing their stability in growth.

Overall, Goldman’s basket of stable growth stocks offers investors a glimpse into companies that have demonstrated consistent growth patterns, making them potentially attractive options for those seeking stability in their investment portfolios.

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