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Fourteen Dividend Growth Stocks Raising Dividends Last Week

I regularly review the list of companies that have increased their dividends, focusing on those with a ten-year streak of annual dividend increases. This helps me evaluate my current holdings and identify potential new investments. While the process may seem dull and boring, it ultimately pays dividends.

Last week, 51 companies announced dividend increases, with only 14 of them having a ten-year track record of dividend growth. When evaluating companies, I consider trends in earnings per share, dividend payout ratio, dividends per share, and valuation.

Although I have set criteria for evaluating dividend companies, I also adapt based on the market environment and the availability of quality companies. I may consider companies with a shorter dividend streak if they have a strong business model and other favorable characteristics. Flexibility is important, but it’s essential to maintain standards.

Ultimately, this exercise helps me stay informed about my investments and potential opportunities in the market.

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