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Ethernity Transitions to an AI Enhanced Ethereum Layer 2, Purpose-Built for the Entertainment Industry By Chainwire

LOS ANGELES, United States, May 7th, 2024, Chainwire – Global brands and talent are set to benefit from Ethernity’s technology, allowing them to store their intellectual property on-chain and engage with fans through innovative content and experiences. Ethernity, known for its authenticated NFTs featuring icons like Lionel Messi and Shaquille O’Neal, is making a groundbreaking move into a pioneering Layer 2 solution on the blockchain. This shift is expected to revolutionize the web3 entertainment landscape and address the challenges faced by major brands such as Amazon, Marvel, and Warner Brothers in adopting blockchain technology.

Through interactions with global entertainment brands, Ethernity identified key barriers to their adoption of web3 technology. These concerns, including privacy, cost, and complex interfaces, have been tackled through the development of the Ethernity Chain. The Layer 2 solution enhances security, reduces gas fees, and offers a plug-and-play toolkit, making it easier for brands to integrate their franchises into the blockchain. Advanced AI capabilities, including Digital Rights Management controls, are integrated into the Ethernity Chain to safeguard proprietary data and creator IP, combat counterfeit asset trading, and provide a secure environment for users and brands.

Key Features of the Ethernity Chain:
– Enhanced AI Capabilities: AI technology within the Ethernity Chain ensures robust Digital Rights Management controls for enhanced security and brand protection.
– Plug and Play Toolkit: Brands and creators can utilize the toolkit to bring their entertainment brands onto the blockchain with ease.
– Eco-Friendly and Low Gas Fees: The Ethernity Chain prioritizes minimizing environmental impact and reducing gas fees for users and developers.
– 100% EVM as Standard: Seamless integration of all current standards, including tokens, NFTs, and DeFi smart contracts.

Ethernity, a Cayman Islands based technology company, specializes in web3 solutions and is launching its Ethereum Layer 2 solution tailored for global entertainment brands. With established partnerships, expertise, and infrastructure, Ethernity aims to lead the web3 entertainment ecosystem with an AI-enhanced, secure, eco-friendly, and intuitive platform. For more information on Ethernity and its transition to Layer 2, visit their website.

About Ethernity:
Ethernity is a leading technology company offering innovative web3 solutions, including its upcoming Ethereum Layer 2 solution for global entertainment brands. With a focus on AI technology, security, and sustainability, Ethernity aims to cater to the evolving needs of the entertainment industry.

CMO James Aitken
Ethernity Chain

This article was originally published on Chainwire.

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