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Ethereum (ETH) Developers Discuss EIP 7702 and Pectra Devnet 1 in Latest ACDE Call

Ethereum developers recently gathered for the All Core Developers Execution (ACDE) Call #190 on June 20, 2024. Led by Ethereum Foundation’s Tim Beiko, the bi-weekly meeting focused on coordinating changes to Ethereum’s execution layer (EL).

Key updates from the call included discussions on Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) 7251 and 7702, Ethereum Virtual Object Format (EOF), and PeerDAS. Developers also introduced a new template for EIP discussion threads and a GitHub page called “eth-clients” for Ethereum mainnet and testnet configurations.

The call began with a focus on Pectra Devnet 1, a dedicated testnet for the upcoming Pectra upgrade. Updates were shared by major Ethereum EL client teams like Besu, Nethermind, Erigon, Reth, EthereumJS, and Geth.

The implementation of EIP 7702 in Devnet 1 was a key point of discussion, with developers debating proposed changes to support transaction authorization revocations. The meeting also covered updates on EOF implementations and PeerDAS development.

Announcements included a new template for EIP authors to improve review quality and the launch of the “eth-clients” GitHub page for Ethereum developers. The next ACDE call will be chaired by EF Researcher Alex Stokes due to a U.S. holiday on July 4.

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