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Discover FM Mattsson And Two Other Top Dividend Stocks On The Swedish Exchange

As global markets experience fluctuations in economic signals, investors are on the lookout for stable investment opportunities. In the Swedish exchange, dividend stocks like FM Mattsson are attracting attention from those seeking potential income and capital appreciation in a mature market.

Here are the top 10 dividend stocks in Sweden:

1. Zinzino (OM:ZZ B) – Dividend Yield: 4.34%
2. Betsson (OM:BETS B) – Dividend Yield: 5.59%
3. Loomis (OM:LOOMIS) – Dividend Yield: 4.69%
4. Nordea Bank Abp (OM:NDA SE) – Dividend Yield: 8.52%
5. HEXPOL (OM:HPOL B) – Dividend Yield: 3.43%
6. Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (OM:SEB A) – Dividend Yield: 5.52%
7. Duni (OM:DUNI) – Dividend Yield: 4.94%
8. Avanza Bank Holding (OM:AZA) – Dividend Yield: 4.37%
9. Husqvarna (OM:HUSQ B) – Dividend Yield: 3.51%
10. AB Traction (OM:TRAC B) – Dividend Yield: 4.07%

FM Mattsson AB specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of water taps and related products for bathrooms and kitchens across Europe. With a market capitalization of SEK 2.19 billion, the company generates revenue primarily from operations in the Nordic countries and international markets.

FM Mattsson currently offers a dividend yield of 4.8%, ranking among the top quartile of Swedish dividend stocks. Despite reporting a sales drop in Q1 2024, the company maintains a stable dividend supported by earnings and cash flows. The payout ratios of 86.3% and 49.5% indicate reasonable coverage, despite less than ten years of consistent dividend history.

In conclusion, FM Mattsson presents a solid investment opportunity for those looking for stable income and potential capital appreciation in the Swedish market.

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