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DBS Group Holdings (SGX:D05) Will Pay A Dividend Of SGD0.54

DBS Group Holdings Ltd (SGX:D05) has announced that it will pay a dividend on the 20th of May, with investors receiving SGD0.54 per share. The dividend yield for the company will be 5.5%, which is typical for the industry.

DBS Group Holdings has a long history of paying dividends, with a track record of at least 10 years. The payout ratio of 51% indicates that earnings cover dividends well. Analyst estimates suggest that EPS will expand by 3.2% over the next 3 years, with a future payout ratio of 67%.

The company’s dividend history has been volatile, with at least one cut in the last 10 years. However, the dividend has grown at a rate of about 14% yearly, from SGD0.509 in 2014 to SGD1.96 currently.

Despite past fluctuations, growing EPS at 13% per year over the past five years is a positive sign. Overall, DBS Group Holdings looks like a solid dividend stock, with distributions easily covered by earnings.

Stable dividend policies attract investor interest, and DBS Group Holdings could be an attractive income stock. However, investors should also consider other factors when assessing a company. Simply Wall St provides analysis based on historical data and analyst forecasts, but it is not financial advice.

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