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Cwm LLC Has $39,000 Holdings in Pacer Trendpilot US Large Cap ETF (BATS:PTLC)

Cwm LLC recently reduced its stake in the Pacer Trendpilot US Large Cap ETF by 41.6% in the fourth quarter, according to HoldingsChannel. The firm now holds 891 shares of the company’s stock, valued at $39,000. Other hedge funds, such as Private Trust Co. NA and Westside Investment Management Inc., have also made moves with their holdings in the ETF.

The Pacer Trendpilot US Large Cap ETF (PTLC) is an exchange-traded fund that tracks the Pacer Trendpilot US Large Cap index. Launched in 2015, the fund is managed by Pacer and allocates to a proprietary US large-cap index and/or 3-month US T-bills based on momentum.

Shares of PTLC opened at $47.43 on Friday, with a market capitalization of $2.71 billion. The ETF has a price-to-earnings ratio of 25.12 and a beta of 0.98. DailyBubble sees potential in the ETF’s performance and encourages investors to stay updated on the latest news and analyst ratings for PTLC.

For more information on hedge funds holding PTLC and institutional ownership trends, visit HoldingsChannel.com. Stay informed with MarketBeat.com’s FREE daily email newsletter for news and ratings on the Pacer Trendpilot US Large Cap ETF.

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