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Core Scientific to add 15 EH/s through Block’s 3nm Bitcoin mining ASICs – CryptoSlate

Core Scientific, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, has announced plans to increase its mining power by adding 15 EH/s through the use of Block’s 3nm Bitcoin mining ASICs. This move is expected to significantly boost Core Scientific’s mining capabilities and solidify its position in the industry.

By utilizing Block’s advanced 3nm ASIC technology, Core Scientific aims to enhance the efficiency and performance of its mining operations. The 3nm chips are known for their superior energy efficiency and processing power, making them an ideal choice for high-performance mining rigs.

With this expansion, Core Scientific is poised to strengthen its presence in the competitive Bitcoin mining sector. The addition of 15 EH/s will allow the company to increase its mining output and potentially generate higher returns on investment.

Overall, Core Scientific’s partnership with Block and the adoption of their cutting-edge ASIC technology demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation and growth in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market. This strategic move is expected to position Core Scientific as a key player in the global mining industry.

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