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Consun Pharmaceutical Group’s (HKG:1681) Dividend Will Be CN¥0.30

Consun Pharmaceutical Group Limited (HKG:1681) has announced that they will be paying a dividend of CN¥0.30 on June 21st. This dividend represents 9.4% of the current stock price, which is higher than the industry average.

Before this announcement, Consun Pharmaceutical Group’s dividend was well covered by both cash flow and earnings, indicating that a significant portion of earnings are being reinvested into the business for growth. Looking ahead, EPS is expected to increase by 54.2% over the next year. If the dividend continues on its current path, the payout ratio is estimated to be 35%, a level that suggests the dividend is sustainable.

Despite some past fluctuations, the company has been steadily increasing its dividend over the years. While there have been periods of decrease, the overall trend shows a growth rate of 22% per year since 2014.

With a focus on growing earnings per share, Consun Pharmaceutical Group has seen EPS rise by 13% annually for the past five years. This, coupled with a reasonable payout ratio, suggests that the company could be a solid dividend stock.

Overall, Consun Pharmaceutical Group’s dividend appears to be a strong income investment. The company is generating enough earnings to cover dividend payments, and these earnings are being converted into cash flow. While market movements highlight the value of a consistent dividend policy, investors should also be aware of other factors before investing in the stock.

For those interested in a more in-depth analysis of Consun Pharmaceutical Group’s valuation, risks, dividends, and financial health, a comprehensive analysis is available. This analysis aims to provide insights into whether the stock is potentially over or undervalued.

As a general disclaimer, it’s important to note that this article by Simply Wall St is based on historical data and analyst forecasts, and is not intended to be financial advice. Readers should conduct their own research and consider their own financial situation before making any investment decisions. Simply Wall St does not have any positions in the stocks mentioned in this article.

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