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Check today’s rates of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana

The latest updates on cryptocurrency prices reveal that Bitcoin has surged by 2.16% in the past 24 hours, now trading at $62,855.90, which is a 5.45% increase from last week. Ethereum, the second most popular token, has also seen a rise of 1.19% from yesterday, currently priced at $3,029.98, marking a 0.93% increase from last week. The market capitalization of Bitcoin stands at $1,239.70 billion, while Ethereum’s market cap is $364.3 billion.

Other prominent cryptocurrencies like BNB, XRP, Cardano, and Dogecoin have also shown movements in their prices. BNB is trading at $594.43, down 0.21% from yesterday but up by 5.22% from last week. XRP’s current price is $0.55, reflecting a 0.58% decrease in the last 24 hours and a 0.50% drop from last week. Cardano and Dogecoin are currently valued at $0.44 (up 1.21%) and $0.11 (up 2.60%) respectively.

Solana has been a standout performer, rising by 9.62% since last week. Polka Dot, Shiba Inu, and Polygon are also making notable moves, with their current prices at $153.87 (up 6.88%), $7.14 (up 1.53%), $0.000022 (up 2.5%), and $0.66 (up 1.69%) respectively. Among these, Solana has seen the highest increase, while Polka Dot has experienced a slight decline.

In terms of stablecoins, Tether and USD Coin are trading at $0.99 (up 0.03%) and $1 (down 0%) respectively. Stablecoins are known for their low volatility as their value is pegged to physical assets like fiat currency or gold.

The global crypto market cap currently stands at $2.33 trillion, marking a 2.88% increase over the last day. The total crypto market volume in the past 24 hours amounts to $63.86 billion, showing a 4.28% increase. Comparing figures from the past month and three months ago, the global crypto market cap was $2.59 trillion and $1.78 trillion respectively.

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