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Charles Hoskinson Proposes Cardano and Bitcoin Cash Merger

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has proposed a merger with Bitcoin Cash. The proposal, shared through a poll on social media, aims to integrate Bitcoin Cash as a partner chain within the Cardano ecosystem. Hoskinson plans to leverage various technologies to create a faster and more efficient Proof of Work chain.

Cardano, known for its scalability and independence from venture capital, could significantly enhance its capabilities through this merger. The integration would also improve functionalities within the Bitcoin Cash network and advance decentralized finance protocols.

The announcement, made on May 4, 2024, has generated significant interest with over 12,500 participants in the poll. Early results show strong approval for the merger, with 66.3% in favor. The final decision will be announced after six days of voting.

Bitcoin Cash, a fork from Bitcoin championed by Roger Ver, was created to address limitations of Bitcoin and has played a key role in enhancing blockchain functionalities, especially in the DeFi sector.

Many see this potential merger as a strategic move towards improving blockchain interoperability. The community’s response to the poll will determine the feasibility and timing of the integration.

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