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Cardano Founder Responds to ADA Community, But With Warning

Charles Hoskinson, the mastermind behind Cardano, recently discussed the importance of CIP-69 in a social media appearance. This proposal aims to simplify the development process on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain by bringing together various Plutus scripts.

Hoskinson acknowledged the community’s interest in CIP-69 and revealed ongoing discussions among development teams about potentially including it in the upcoming Chang Hard Fork. Despite the enthusiasm from the community and support from the Cardano Foundation, Hoskinson cautioned about the risks of making off-roadmap changes and emphasized the need for careful consideration to avoid disruptions. However, he assured stakeholders that the development teams are dedicated to integrating CIP-69 into the Chang Hard Fork without significant delays.

The hard fork scheduled for this year is a significant milestone in Cardano’s journey towards decentralized governance. It will introduce community-run governance to the Cardano blockchain, allowing on-chain community consensus governed by a constitution.

Looking beyond Chang, Hoskinson outlined the broader implications for Cardano’s governance structure as it enters the Voltaire era characterized by community-driven decision-making. The introduction of CIP-1694 will overhaul the process for roadmap construction and ratification, laying the foundation for key governing bodies and a blockchain constitution. This signals a new era of decentralized governance for Cardano.

While the shift to community-driven governance is a significant advancement, Hoskinson emphasized that the process will unfold gradually. Not all decisions will immediately be under the community’s control, and the evolution of Cardano’s governance mechanism will happen in incremental steps.

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