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Cabot’s (NYSE:CBT) Upcoming Dividend Will Be Larger Than Last Year’s

Cabot Corporation’s (NYSE:CBT) dividend will be increasing to $0.43 on June 14th, up from last year’s payment during the same period. This will bring the dividend yield to 1.7%, in line with the industry average. Cabot’s earnings easily cover the dividend, with a large portion of earnings being reinvested back into the business. Looking ahead, earnings per share could rise by 12.1% over the next year if current trends continue. The payout ratio is estimated to be 19%, indicating the sustainability of the dividend.

Cabot has a solid track record of stable dividend payments over the years. Since 2014, the annual dividend has grown at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 8.0% per year. The company’s growing earnings and low payout ratio suggest that the dividend is likely to continue growing.

Overall, Cabot’s dividend looks promising, supported by its track record and growing earnings. The company is earning enough to cover its dividend payments, translating earnings into cash flow. Investors generally prefer companies with a consistent dividend policy, making Cabot an attractive option. It’s important to consider all aspects of a company, not just its dividend, when making investment decisions.

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