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BWX Technologies (NYSE:BWXT) Has Affirmed Its Dividend Of $0.24

BWX Technologies, Inc.’s (NYSE:BWXT) investors will receive a payment of $0.24 per share on 6th of June, increasing the dividend yield on the stock to 1.1%. This modest boost is good news for shareholders.

BWX Technologies’ earnings easily cover the dividend, with a large proportion being reinvested back into the business. The next year is expected to see EPS grow by 41.8%, potentially leading to a payout ratio of 27%, which is sustainable.

Although the company has a long dividend history, there has been at least one cut in the last 10 years. Despite this, the dividend has grown at a rate of about 9.1% annually since 2014. With growing earnings per share at 5.3% per year over the past five years, BWX Technologies has the potential to increase its dividend in the future.

Overall, a consistent dividend is positive, and BWX Technologies has the ability to maintain this in the future. However, investors should be aware of the company’s past challenges with sustainability. Companies with a stable dividend policy tend to attract more investor interest. Additionally, investors should consider other factors before investing in a stock.

Feedback on this article can be directed to the editorial team at Simply Wall St. This article is based on historical data and analyst forecasts, and is not financial advice. Simply Wall St aims to provide unbiased analysis driven by fundamental data.

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