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Arkansas House adopts crypto mining resolutions

The Arkansas House has passed two resolutions that could lead to new regulations on cryptocurrency mines. These resolutions don’t guarantee that bills will be passed, but they do allow for discussions in committee. In order for the House and Senate to consider non-budget bills during the current fiscal session, they must first have a resolution approved by a two-thirds vote.

Several other resolutions aimed at regulating crypto mines were rejected by the House on Wednesday. These mines have been causing issues in rural Arkansas communities due to noise and energy usage. There are also concerns about their connections to foreign organizations and governments.

Last year, a state law was passed to deregulate the mines, but some lawmakers have been pushing for more regulation. One of the resolutions that passed would require the mines to follow noise ordinances, obtain local government approvals before construction, and avoid working with certain foreign entities.

Another similar bill would impose sound limits on the mines and other general business regulations. The sponsor of this bill has been critical of a mine in DeWitt and believes that these operations should be held accountable like other businesses.

Despite efforts by Rep. Josh Miller to regulate the mines through six resolutions, they were met with mixed feelings by lawmakers. Some felt that the resolutions were too broad and should be more specific. One legislator expressed concern about the noise levels and potential foreign ties of mine owners.

In response to criticism, Miller defended his resolutions as a way to address the issue of crypto mining and make adjustments in committee. However, all six resolutions ultimately failed to pass. Some lawmakers, including Rep. Tippi McCullough, believe that more attention should be given to this issue, but would prefer to address it in a special session after completing current business.

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