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ANTA Sports Products (HKG:2020) Is Increasing Its Dividend To CN¥1.15

ANTA Sports Products Limited (HKG:2020) has announced an increase in its dividend payment to CN¥1.15 on 27th of May, up from last year’s amount for the same period. However, despite the higher dividend, the yield stands at 2.5%, which is below the industry average.

Investors should not only focus on the dividend yield but also consider share price movements, as they can have a significant impact on overall returns. ANTA Sports Products’ stock price has risen by 32% in the last 3 months, which has contributed to a decrease in the dividend yield.

The company’s dividend is well covered by earnings, with a payout ratio estimated to be 40% based on forecasted earnings per share growth of 54.4% over the next year. While the dividend has shown volatility in the past, with fluctuations in annual payments, the company’s consistent earnings growth suggests that the dividend is likely to continue increasing.

Overall, ANTA Sports Products appears to be a strong dividend stock, with distributions covered by earnings and a history of growing dividends. Investors may find it to be an attractive income stock, especially with the potential for further dividend growth.

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