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7 Low-Cost Dividend Stocks to Boost Your Portfolio

Passive income is an essential part of any investment strategy. While acquiring quality names can be expensive, low-cost dividend stocks offer an attractive alternative. These stocks may not be in the spotlight, but they provide reasonable quality ideas for investors looking to diversify their portfolio without breaking the bank.

One such stock to consider is A10 Networks (ATEN). Operating in the software infrastructure space, A10 Networks provides networking solutions globally. Despite not offering the highest yield, the company boasts a reasonable payout ratio and consistent financial performance, making it a solid choice for passive income seekers.

Another option is Marcus (MCS), a company in the entertainment industry that owns and operates movie theaters and hotels. With a forward annual dividend yield of 2.51% and positive growth projections, MCS is a worthwhile investment for those looking for low-cost dividend stocks.

For investors interested in the firearms industry, Smith & Wesson Brands (SWBI) offers a unique opportunity. Despite controversy surrounding the company, SWBI provides a forward yield of 2.95% and analysts anticipate significant growth in the coming years.

Real estate investment trust Elme Communities (ELME) focuses on providing affordable housing to middle-income renters. With a forward yield of 4.72% and positive growth projections, ELME is a compelling option for investors seeking passive income.

Apple Hospitality (APLE) is another REIT that owns a diverse portfolio of hotels across the U.S. Despite some risks associated with the travel industry, APLE offers a forward dividend yield of 6.53% and growth potential in the coming years.

Healthpeak Properties (DOC) is a healthcare-oriented REIT that owns and operates high-quality real estate for healthcare delivery. Despite some financial challenges, DOC offers a forward yield of 6.27% and growth projections in the top and bottom lines.

Lastly, FAT Brands (FAT) is a multi-brand restaurant franchising company that offers a forward dividend yield of 7.52%. With strong growth projections and consumer spending trends favoring fast food and casual dining, FAT is a stock to consider for passive income investors.

Overall, low-cost dividend stocks offer a balance of affordability and quality that can enhance any investment portfolio.

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