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6 Best Small-Cap Index Funds Of May 2024 – Forbes Advisor

In our quest to find the top small-cap index funds, we turned to Morningstar’s top-rated U.S. and international funds. Focusing on funds with low expense ratios under 0.40%, we started with a list of 46 potential candidates.

After filtering out actively managed funds without indexing components, we narrowed down our selection to small-cap blend, value, and growth funds. Our final list includes options with competitive fees and strong performance compared to their respective categories.

While most funds in our list are traditional index funds, we also included two factor-based funds and a tax-efficient small cap index fund for wealthier investors. This diverse selection offers high-quality choices from reputable fund families.

At DailyBubble, we believe that investing in small-cap index funds can be a smart choice for investors looking for low-cost, high-quality options to grow their portfolios. Our curated list provides a valuable reference for those seeking to add small-cap exposure to their investment strategy.

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